“I want us to cross this divide, I want to see you, for you to see me,
and for us to create pockets of resistance and refuge. I want us to
restore radical belonging to our lives and to the world.”

(page 318, Radical Belonging)

Join us in the Radical Belonging Community, where we come together in all our magnificent complexity to unlearn the lies and misinformation we’ve absorbed about ourselves and the people around us and replace them with more truthful, nuanced understandings.

We’re a diverse group of people committed to justice, equity, and body liberation, and to valuing all members’ identities and experiences. We chat and interact about our lives and the world we live in, connect across our differences, and support and inspire one another in the deep reflection that allows Radical Belonging to emerge. Whether you are transgender, queer, Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color, disabled, old, or fat—or you more closely resemble the “mythical norm”—if you are committed to individual and collective healing and liberation and want to better align what you value with what you practice, we invite you to join us.

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