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A compelling and dynamic speaker, writer, scientist and storyteller, Dr. Bacon delivers a unique blend of academic expertise, clinical experience, and social justice advocacy, all couched in a raw honesty and compassion that touches and inspires.

Dana Sturtevant, MS, RD, co-founder of BeNourished


Health at Every Size:
The Surprising Truth
About Your Weight

Any person contemplating going on a diet to lose weight should read this book first. Every health professional should absolutely read this book, read it again, and make sure their clients read it.

Glenn Gaesser, Physiologist and Author of Big Fat Lies

Radical Belonging:
How to Survive and Thrive
in an Unjust World
(While Transforming it
for the Better)

Radical Belonging is my manifesto, helping us heal from the individual and collective trauma of injustice and support our transition from a culture of othering to one of belonging.

Lindo Bacon

Body Respect:
What Conventional Health Books Leave Out, Get Wrong,
and Just Plain Fail to Understand about Weight

Body Respect is a ground-breaking, dogma-busting book that will change how you think about HEALTH forever.

Christopher Kennedy Lawford Former US Health Ambassador to the United Nations

Sometimes it’s a life experience that rocks your world.
Sometimes it’s a lecture. Sometimes it’s a teacher’s words.
And sometimes a video (or four) changes how you think forever.

Louise Adams, M.A., Clinical Psychologist, Treat Yourself Well
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Imagine a world where all bodies are valued and all people are supported in compassionate self-care.

Join me in fostering a world where all bodies are celebrated

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Read this gorgeous tribute to bell hooks, by those who knew her. We are so fortunate for the legacy she left us https://bit.ly/3qIxXc1

I never thought I'd be challenging the value of equity as a goal, but john powell writes persuasively about the need to move beyond equity in order to close the racial wealth gap | Part 2 of the weekly series, "The Promise of Targeted Universalism" https://bit.ly/3rAo538

“This lack of belonging is like trauma on our bodies. When we’re constantly getting messages that who we are isn’t OK, it has a biological impact on us in the same way that trauma has a biological imprint on us.”—@LindoBaconX, Food Psych episode 259 http://christyharrison.com/259?utm_campaign=meetedgar&utm_medium=social&utm_source=meetedgar.com

"a true [racial] reckoning goes beyond recognition and acknowledgement and engages in difficult conversations that can foster real change." Targeted universalism holds promise - I'm learning already + looking forward to seeing how this series plays out https://bit.ly/3FKrGkq