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3/19/2021, Idealist, Fatphobia and Fat Activism in Social-Impact Spaces, by Amy Bergen

Some changes are so basic they may seem easy to overlook, like altering the physical environment. A typical office, classroom, or conference room may not have desks or chairs that can fit larger bodies, or enough space between chairs for people to walk easily around the room. If air travel is a job requirement, the closely packed economy seats on airplanes can present obstacles for certain passengers. And people with mobility constraints (weight-related or not) might need easier physical access to workspaces as part of reasonable accommodation.

Activists like Lindo Bacon suggest approaching something like seating as a systemic problem, with the mindset of “These seats are too small to accommodate this person” rather than “This person is too big for the seats.” This puts the onus of change on the organization, not the individual.

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