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3/24/14: Priory, Searching for ‘Thinspiration’ Online.

[snip]… Dr Bacon states the issues with encouraging this kind of dieting “On a short term basis, people who follow restrictive diet plans like this will have nutrient deficiencies (which may not be immediately noticeable) and will weaken their immune system. The damage to the immune system may show up as increased vulnerability to viruses like colds. They may also experience concerns related to low energy, like irritability, impaired concentration, lethargy, and preoccupation with food. And when it doesn’t result in sustained weight loss, it may lower their self-esteem; make them feel like a failure. It also reinforces their bad feelings about their body.” Similarly talk of appetite suppressants and those encouraging each other to fast or restrict are potentially causing themselves a lot of harm. “Hunger is a good thing.” Dr Bacon went on “It lets us know that our body needs nourishment. If you don’t trust and respond to hunger, after a while the self-regulatory set point mechanism that controls your fat stores breaks down. You weaken your innate ability to hear your hunger and fullness signals. When this happens, most people actually gain weight over the long-term.”

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