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4/13: Social Work Today, Health At Every Size, by Jennifer Van Pelt.

Wellness practice is in the midst of a paradigm shift regarding weight and health. Thousands in the clinical and lay communities worldwide now apply HAES principles in their health promotion work, according to Linda Bacon, PhD, a professor of nutrition at City College of San Francisco, a researcher, and the author of Health at Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your Weight. “We see HAES attitudes trickling into mainstream discourse. More and more journalists, doctors, and public health officials are adopting at least some aspects of our message—health first, not weight—in their lives, projects, and practices,” Bacon says. [snip]  “By encouraging the letting go of weight stigma and judgment accompanying it, the HAES movement is committed to changing public health policy and the wider culture to support the message of body acceptance and HAES clinical approaches,” Bacon says. See entire article here