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5/9/17, Refinery 29, How Do Doctors View The Body Positivity Movement?, by Eleanor Jones

“An alternative message is presented by the organisation Health at Every Size, a group which “gives up on” the idea that there is an attainable “ideal weight or size”, instead stating that “people in good health come in all shapes and sizes”, and encouraging the adoption of healthy behaviours by people of all weights. Linda Bacon, author of the book of the same name, points to various research from the last three decades which shows that bigger patients are less likely to obtain preventative health services like cancer screenings and pelvic exams, are more likely to cancel or delay appointments, and typically have physicians more likely to spend less time with them, leading to higher incidences of misdiagnosis and mistreatment. She shares the story of her father, who was by her definition “fat”, and had the same knee condition as she now does at a lower weight. She has been offered physical therapy, strengthening exercises and surgery. He was simply recommended diets, “over and over again”.

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