Lindo Bacon, PhD


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Speaking My Truth and Advocating for Change in Social Justice Communities Open Letter to the Association for Size Diversity and Health


I apologize for the negative impact my words and actions have had.  I am coming to a better understanding of why some individuals and some people in the BIPOC amd fat communities have felt tokenized, silenced, marginalized, and undervalued. I recognize that my experience differs from others and that I do not represent the fat community. I realize that ways I have communicated and conducted business in the past have at times been harmful to those that I have wanted to support. I realize too that there is more I could have done – and can do – to upset the imbalance of power from within institutions.

Going forward, I will be more thoughtful about whether accepting a speaking gig may contribute to this systemic problem and I will step back in those instances. Through reflection and open-minded dialogue with others, I will continue to learn discernment about when to, when not to, and how to use my platform. I will continue to advocate for the elevation of BIPOC and fat voices. These practices will be guided by some of the wisdom that has been offered, so these values will be better reflected in the future. With the support of others, I will also continue to explore my own unconscious bias and examine the areas I can be more sensitive.

I hear the call for accountability and am committed to the development of my emotional and cultural competence to try to ensure there is alignment between my beliefs, words and actions. I am grateful for the tremendous mentoring I’ve received from a diverse cross-section of peers and mentors who are helping me develop a better understanding of these issues.

I believe that what has motivated people to speak out against me is the deep pain that my actions surfaced for people with a long history of being excluded and dismissed, as well as the deep passion of others who seek to be allies in fighting injustice. I appreciate knowing that marginalized people are using their voice, that many people will rally to support marginalized people, and hope that we will all be thoughtful about how that energy can be channeled effectively.

I believe that we can achieve our goals by listening to one another, by supporting and reinforcing one another and by empowering everyone to bring their unique talents and capabilities to the table. I believe, too, that the way we go about creating an anti-oppressive and just world is as important as the end goal we’re working towards. My hope is that people can join together in embodying the kindness, compassion, independent thought, integrity, and open dialogue that are at the foundation of a just world where all of us belong.

With love,