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3/9/18, Healthline, My Doctor Fat-Shamed Me — And I’m Not the Only One, by Marie Southard Ospina

“Linda Bacon, a health professional, researcher, and author of “Health at Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your Weight,” thinks the medical community is ready for this shift [to body respect] — despite a history that suggests otherwise.

When she discusses her work and findings — all of which suggest the mental and physical advantages of detaching perceptions of health from weight — she’s regularly greeted by support rather than condemnation.

“When I speak on these topics to the medical community, the greater response is tremendous relief,” she told Healthline.

“I think I put words to the niggling discomfort that most practitioners feel, and they are relieved to know that there is an alternative way to more successfully reach their goals of improved health and well-being for their patients. They are also relieved to consider that they can partner with — rather than be adversarial with — their patients,” Bacon added.”

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