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3/16/13: Digital Journal, Op-Ed: Weight loss doesn’t improve health, says nutrition expert Linda Bacon, by Ernest Dempsey.

Linda Bacon: “The war on obesity is causing untold damage to fat people and thin people alike. By stigmatizing fat and fat people, it’s creating stress and supporting discrimination. By inducing us to invest in so far useless efforts at weight control, it has resulted in rampant preoccupation with food and weight, disordered eating habits, and billions in wasted dollars. And, by focusing the medical community on fat over other factors, it’s causing us to overlook more pernicious – and more curable – sources of disease.

My goal is to see an end to this war, through the peace movement called Health at Every Size®. The premise behind Health at Every Size, commonly referred to as HAES, is simple: HAES advocates switching the focus from weight to health. This simple reframing will have profound implications for billions of people who are, right now, victims of the war on obesity.”

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