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May, 2013: Curve Magazine, Weighty Matters: Meet Dr. Linda Bacon, the lesbian PhD changing the way we think about health, by Molly Williams.

In Dr. Linda Bacon’s controversial, eye-opening book Health At Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your Weight, Bacon takes conventional wisdom about the relationship with weight and health to task, drawing a line between legitimate health indicators and a number on the scale. [snip] Why do you think the so-called war on weight exists? Dr. Bacon replies: “In part, because it’s profitable. I think it’s obvious the ways in which the diet and beauty industry need to cultivate our insecurity. After all, if we loved our bodies as is, who needs [to pay for] a diet? My advice? Repeat after me: “My weight is not a problem. Society’s problem with weight is the problem.” Imagine how much we could accomplish if women would just abandon the pointless effort to lose weight and begin, right now, to appreciate the power and beauty of our bodies. We would truly be a force to reckon with.” See entire article here