Game-changing. Provocative. Smart. Loved the stories and humor.
Amazing energy and passion. Evocative self-disclosure helped bring the points home. Her authentic presence totally captivated me.
Powerfully informative. Totally revolutionary stuff. I’m fired up now.
– From participant evaluations, Renfrew Eating Disorders conference, 2015. –

speaking testimonials

Lindo's insights and stories are so important and must be heard by audiences everywhere who are interested in diversity and inclusion. Lindo's well-informed, non-judgmental way of bringing the audience along their journey was amazing! The stories were compelling. Lindo is the real deal!
Lisa Toppin, PhD Chief Diversity Officer, LPL FinancialScience & Soul of Speaking
Lindo is a moving speaker. They educated me about gender in the most gentle and engaging way I could have imagined. Through their speech, they made me a champion for the cause. They have incredibly compassionate eyes that carried their words to my heart.
Ayinde Alakoye Chief Executive Officer, nēdl
I appreciate the courage it took for you to be vulnerable in your keynote with us. You modeled authenticity and humility so powerfully. Thank you. Your willingness to share at that level was the catalyst for our participants to do the same throughout our conference.
Michelle E. Minero, MFT Psychotherapist and Author of the Self-Love Diet: The Only Diet That WorksEating Disorder Recovery Support conference
Dr. Linda Bacon delivers a "real," authentic, passionate and inspiring message to educators, students, scientists, nutritionists, therapists...and any person who has ever felt "at war" with their bodies in the unending struggle to lose weight. She is shifting the paradigm of focus in the health care arena and transforming the public health message.
Cristen L. Harris, PhD, RD Assistant professor, Nutrition and Dietetics program, Bastyr University
Linda Bacon is an unforgettable speaker with a counter-cultural message in which all people have personal interest. I have heard her speak on several occasions and she always captures people's attention in the moment and leads one to significant reflection and lifestyle changes.
Julie Church, RDN, CD, CEDRD Nutrition Director, Opal: Food + Body Wisdom
Linda Bacon is such an inspiration and innovator in the field! I heard her speak at the Family Health Team Dietitian conference and even after reading her book I was hanging on to her every word.
Jane Skapinker, RD
Linda Bacon is compelling, vulnerable, passionate and an incredible advocate and teacher of HAES. She weaves her scientific knowledge into her presentations in such a way that is both understandable and provocative. I would love more of the world to be exposed to her teaching!
Kara Bazzi, LMFT, CEDS Clinical Director, Opal: Food + Body Wisdom
Linda Bacon's work has been transformative in my work as a physician working with individuals struggling with size acceptance. Her strongly evidence-based approaches are a welcome change to the popular views that promote weight discrimination to the detriment of people's (and society's) health and well-being. Dr. Bacon is an engaging speaker that moves the audience to action both personally and professionally.
David Willems, MD PhysicianWinnipeg, Canada
Linda pushes the envelope and is a leader in transforming people to think differently about health. More people need to hear her message. It is critical to humanity's wellbeing!!
Janelle Botterill, RD Portage La Prairie, Canada
Dr Bacon presents the research in such a thought-provoking way. I have seen her present at 3 conferences and she inspires me.
Julie Seale, RD Toronto, Canada
I have seen this woman speak....she is amazing!!
Snow McIsaac Santa Rosa, CA
This is the new frontier. We need to hear more of this way of thinking. An excellent and exceptional speaker.
Susannah Howard Harwich, United Kingdom

Fantastic insight from Linda Bacon today at the FHT RD conference!!

Thank you for sharing the evidence and your insight!

Keep sharing!

Bronwen Tuck, RD
Amazing, inspirational, motivational and challenges us to re-look at conventional practices, to find more effective approaches to true health. Love how her beliefs and messages have transformed me not only professionally but individually too!
Kori Kostka, RD
If anyone has "ideas worth spreading" it's Dr Linda Bacon. Not only is she brilliantly researched, she is a compassionate and engaging speaker.
Sarah from Westbury, Australia
Dr. Linda Bacon's book, "Health at Every Size", transformed my life. I was able to embrace the message and exchange a lifetime of dieting and self-loathing for a new life of health, activity and vigor. I have had the opportunity to hear her speak many times. She is an expert on her subject and is able to convey the message with clarity, humor and compassion.
Kathy Silke Prewitt Shoreline, WA
I have heard Linda speak several times and she is a very dynamic speaker. The first time I heard her speak drastically shifted my thinking about my own body and around the topic of body politics.
Julie Nowak Food Justice Organizer, Educator & Writer
The message of aiming for Health at Every Size is of critical importance to every woman, man and child. Dr. Bacon has both the knowledge and a passionate delivery style that effectively communicate a revolutionary message.
Verna Portland, Oregon
I have seen Linda speak a number of times, and learn something new from her each and every time. She speaks about the controversial topic of weight science with both confidence and humility, challenging traditional ideas about health by critically analyzing the most current research and presenting new ideas in a way that is eye-opening, thought-provoking, and unforgettable.
Simone Pierson, RDN, CD Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
I personally and professionally have been moved by the passion, authenticity, breadth of knowledge and humor Dr. Linda Bacon brings to talking about how we eat and the bodies we are in, how to break free of dieting and adopt a health at every size approach to health in line with the current science and grounded in social justice from a counter cultural perspective.
Zarah Kushner, DNP, ARNP
I had the privilege of hearing Dr. Bacon speak just this morning. I'm struck by her ability to simplify her message without condescension and to provoke thought and discussion. She presents with openness and vulnerability, creating an atmosphere of safety to more freely examine your own thoughts and beliefs.
Tahney Jones, LMHC, CEDS Senior Primary Therapist, Opal: Food + Body Wisdom
Linda Bacon has the ability to capture an audience, tug at their heart strings, and provide scientific information to be weaved into her presentation that inevitably is felt at the core of each individual. This woman makes a splash in today's culture. Who doesn't enjoy some sort of counter-culture movement?- Especially one that allows individuals to find freedom in their own bodies. Linda Bacon needs to be heard, what she has to share is important, and will affect lives.
Karen Petermeyer, RDN, CD Seattle, WA
Dr. Bacon offers a powerful, research-driven message about the folly of using body size and shape as the most valid indicator of health. I attended her Health at Every Size Facilitator Training in 2013, and I was impressed by both her commanding knowledge of the relevant research, and her down-to-earth, engaging speaking style that wraps the research in a package of humanity, warmth, and empathy for those who have spent lifetimes struggling with a dominant paradigm that clearly doesn't meet their physical or emotional needs.
Lisa Hensley, PhD Psychologist
Dr. Bacon is a phenomenal speaker and a pioneer in this VERY important area. What IF we lived in a world where people accepted their bodies - just as they are. And if, in turn, we accepted other people's bodies, too. If we all loved our bodies - we might just take better care of them. Dr. Bacon has important words to share with the world.
Amy Frasieur, MS, RD Faculty, Department of Nutrition & Exercise Science, Bastyr University
Linda's work has never been more needed or more timely. As our culture has embraced the war on obesity it has dovetailed with the rampant commercialism to demean "real" people and see BMI numbers as the best indicator of health. Weight loss drugs, fad diets, constant battling the last ten pounds, and endless cases of disordered eating, and self hate are by products of our cultures warped perceptions that thin is healthy - and there is no other way. Linda's work is true, good, and wholehearted. Please have her speak!
Heather Abbott Therapist & Parent Educator
Hearing Linda Bacon address the 2013 ANZOS conference was spellbinding. She had the audience inspired and mesmerised, she's the best speaker I've ever seen.
Louise Adams, M.A. Psychologist
Linda Bacon is an important health advocate for our generation and generations to come, meeting her and hearing her speak is one of the most important events in my life. HAES teaches acceptance and compassion, she is amazing.
Jordan Mondau Tacoma, WA
Dr. Bacon is not only a lively and engaging speaker, she is a fountain of scientific knowledge. She speaks with authority and passion, and her message is life-giving and life-changing.
Cari Corbet-Owen Clinical Psychologist
I first learned of Dr Bacon at a IAEDP workshop in Orange County, CA. I was floored. I have worked with eating disorders for a few years and had never been exposed to this information in such an intriguing, educated, research-based, entertaining and heartfelt way. It literally changed not only the way that I treat my patients but the way I treat myself. It was life changing. I have the deepest respect, admiration and appreciation for the work that Dr Bacon is doing and believe that the more the world is exposed to the truth in her research, the faster we will begin to eradicate the unhealthy and inaccurate messages about food and weight in this country that contribute to severe emotional and physcial destruction and lead to even more serious health risks.
Nancy Staycer, LCSW
I have rarely had the pleasure of listening to someone so knowledgeable – especially with regards to the latest research – and so passionate and *com*passionate about their work. You have a rare gift for presenting compelling, well organized data on challenging topics in a very welcoming, open-hearted way. The discussions you lead are often just as interesting as your data presentations, too! I learn new things every time I hear you speak or read something you've written, and I'm always left with intriguing ideas to ponder and new ideas for helping my patients.
Lisa Du Breuil, LICSW Clinical Social Worker
Dr. Linda Bacon’s talk on “Weight Science” was a clear deconstruction of the existing literature on the dangers of obesity and effectiveness of weight loss treatment. She debunks major theories of weight science and lays out step by step how a Health at Every Size approach to body weight is the safest, most effective, and healthiest way to treat your body. Everyone should hear what she has to say, but especially health care professionals who care about people’s weight issues.
Michael I Loewy, PhD Clinical PHD Program Director, California School of Professional Psychology
I've listened to hundreds of professional talks, but this is one of the few that has been genuinely transformational–I came away looking at the world in a different way.
Danny Wedding, PhD Psychology Professor, Alliant UniversityAlliant University
Linda is an extremely compelling speaker. I especially appreciate how she scrutinizes the received wisdom about overweight/obesity, and I certainly share her views that severing the link between some idealized notion of “normal weight” and overall health can enhance both health and health care practice. Health professionals engaged in this topic, and the general public, will surely benefit from Linda’s framework and message.
Claudia Chaufan, MD, PhD Assistant Professor of Sociology and Health Policy, University of California San FranciscoCenter for Obesity, Assessment, Study and Treatment (COAST), University of California, San Francisco

Engaging speaker and very thought provoking and applicable! Excellent!

Excellent presentation with support of evidence-based studies, challenging existing thoughts. Great recommendation to shift the paradigm of obesity war.

Very refreshing. Very good message about focusing on behavior and not weight.

Thoughtful, engaging and refreshing to see someone taking a social justice perspective — thank you!

Excellent presenter. Engaging, myth-busting, memorable. Not self- promotional

Excellent speaker: Engaging, thought-provoking. Grateful someone has taken time to review the evidence and chase things like BMI

Excellent. EXCELLENT! Loved this!!

Dietitians, from participant evaluations Dairy Council of British Columbia Nutrition Forum, Vancouver, Canada
Linda, I watched you as a guest speaker in my Coursera class on Nutrition and THANK YOU for your research and ideology on weight management. I am living proof of everything you said. FINALLY someone of your STATURE confirms what I believe and have lived. I starved myself in my teen years to be ” thin ” and its been a battle ever since ( I am now 53 ). I have been a avid exerciser for the last 30 YEARS and my weight has NEVER been what I wanted it to be in that time. I do now believe that EATING REAL FOOD is the KEY to long term good health and that is what I strive to do each day… also with my kids, who now in their teens, have the urge to starve themselves. this is not healthy and I try my best to convey this to them. Eat REAL FOOD, exercise and dont worry about the number on the scale. Not everyone can be a size 0 and thats ok…. THANK U SOOOOOO VERY MUCH FOR YOUR VIEWPOINT… I would LOVE to send a copy of your lecture to MY DOCTOR, who needs to hear this… God Bless
Janet Lynn Morgan Coursera Nutrition Seminar
Rarely have I attended a workshop as useful as the one presented by Linda recently. I found Linda’s workshop to be personally and professionally helpful. I feel the workshop was exceptionally well-planned to encourage participants’ learning of not only the HAES perspective; but to assist participants to develop the confidence to present the HAES perspective to others. I appreciated Linda’s encouraging participants to adopt a compassionate perspective of those who maintain the traditional ‘weight loss = health’ approach. Linda was kind enough to allow participants the time to process, integrate and reflect upon the content she presented – this is very useful to the busy practitioner who struggles to find time to do this post-workshop! Finally, Linda’s passion for the social justice issues surrounding HAES and her obvious empathy inspired me to commit to working with the HAES approach in my practice with clients. Thank you, Linda!
Stacey Dixon
I firstly want to thank you for travelling to Australia for the series of workshops in October. I was privileged enough to attend the very small group workshop in Adelaide. Learning more about the HAES message has enhanced my clinical practice and enhanced my work presenting seminars which are designed to assist parents to bring up children with a healthy body image. The HAES message is fantastic. The downside is that I now find myself yelling at the television when I see shows about the “obesity epidemic” and feeling furious reading newspaper articles which fear monger weight. Fat discrimination is horrendously apparent in Australia and person by person we need to fight it. I just wanted to thank you for creating a greater level of passion for this work, and thank you for coming to Adelaide.
Dr. Emma Johnston Clinical Psychologist, Adelaide, AustraliaAustralian Psychology Society workshop
Congratulations on such an inspiring talk tonight. I take heart in the two women [who spoke out in a post-seminar Q&A] who refuse to accept the reality of the need to keep refocusing public health matters on fact rather than mythical unachievable concepts. Well done for deflecting these notions which are embedded in the weight conscious/diet treadmill which dominates society today as a purveyor of health, success and happiness… Praise be for pioneers such as yourself who have the courage to “buck the trend!
Lisa Steele Service Manager, National Health Service, Highland, ScotlandNational Health Service, Scotland
Thank you so much for such a wonderful conference. I've heard such great feedback from students about your keynote and panel presentations. You really made an impact on our school and opened the door for many more conversations about body respect.
Brooke Kramer, M.S. Chair, Diversity Day, Pacific University School of Professional PsychologyPacific University School of Professional Psychology
I just wanted to email and say thank you, because when I look back at 2013, the definite, absolute highlight for me was coming to Seattle and doing that amazing training with you & Lucy. I can't begin to tell you how much it inspired me, to meet all of those smart and wonderful people and to know I'm part of something so special. And then to really get to know you in Melbourne was just incredible… to find out that one of your heroes is a really nice, wise, warm, wonderful human being is pretty much matchless in my opinion. And later... Having Linda here in Oz for a whole week was an amazing privilege! The key note speech at the largely HAES ignorant obesity conference was truly a moment I won’t forget. Linda’s keynote was inspiring, delivered passionately and with all of the data there to support HAES. It felt like we were witnessing something historical. It was an unapologetic message that the science and push towards weight loss is broken, and it’s time to stop hurting people. Wonderful. And brave!
Louise Adams, M.A. Clinical Psychologist at Treat Yourself Well, Sydney, Australia, and Author of Mindful MomentsHAES Facilitators' Training
Thank you Linda for your outstanding keynote. We could not have kicked off our conference in any better way!
Bridget Whitlow, M.S., LMFT Psychotherapist and Past President, EDRSEating Disorder Recovery Support conference
Linda is a fantastic speaker, educator, and motivator. She has a message that is important for people to hear!
Meghan Wagner Seattle, WA
Dr. Bacon's work has allowed me to fully recover from my ED and taught me how to take excellent care of my body and protect myself against stigma and bigotry. I wouldn't be the same person without her work.
Lisa DuBreuil
Lindo's compassion and deep presence holds the audience as they take a journey toward a fuller understanding of the process toward accepting bodies as they are (our own and others).
Claire Ferrari, DDS Science & Soul of Speaking Conference
I love the humanity you brought to your talk. Your knowledge of the science and your personal experience is a powerful combination. Your message is something the world needs to hear!
Josh Levine Chief Executive Officer, Rebel IndustriesScience & Soul of Speaking Conference

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