This web page provides links to writing by Dr. Lindo Bacon, organized by media type. You can also view these resources organized by topic. Some resources are dated and do not represent current perspective. Note that I no longer promote the Health at Every Size (HAES)® name, though I remain committed to advocating for the values we share.

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Lindo’s most popularly accessed publication is Weight Science: Evaluating the Evidence for a Paradigm Shift, co-authored by Lucy Aphramor, in Nutrition Journal, 2011, a literature review that has up-ended thinking about weight. Next is “Fat Is Not the Problem—Fat Stigma Is” in Scientific American, co-authored with Amee Severson. Other popularly accessed resources include the HAES Manifesto, Intuitive Eating for People with Diabetes: Enjoy your Food, Respect your Body, co-authored by Judith Matz, in Diabetes Self-Management Magazine, and Reflections on Fat Acceptance: Lessons Learned from Privilege, a transcript of a keynote speech delivered at the conference of the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance. A sampling of her popular-media bylines includes: Huffington Post, Everyone Knows Obesity Is Hurting Us, But Is the Fight Against Obesity the Problem? and the ASDAH healthateverysizeblog, Fat Stigma – Not Fat – is the Real Enemy. Linda encourages all to sign the public HAES Pledge, and to make use of the HAES Community Resources.

Peer-Reviewed Research

Due to copyright restrictions, only the first article in this section is downloadable. (Resources in other sections are freely accessible.) Bacon, L., & Aphramor, L. Weight Science: Evaluating the Evidence for a Paradigm Shift, Nutrition Journal, 2011, 10(9).

This is the premiere article that has up-ended thinking about weight. Includes all the arguments that support a paradigm shift from weight to health, meticulously referenced.

Bacon, L, VanLoan M , Stern JS, Keim N. Size Acceptance and Intuitive Eating Improve Health for Obese Female Chronic Dieters. Journal of American Dietetic Association. 2005;105:929-936. Request this article. (A pdf file will be sent.) Bacon L, VanLoan M , Stern JS, Keim N. Low Bone Mass in Premenopausal Chronic Dieting Obese Women.European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 2004; 58, 966-971. Bacon, L., Tales of Mice and Leptin: False Promises and New Hope in Weight Control. Healthy Weight Journal, 2003;17(2):24-27. Bacon, L., Keim, N.L., Van Loan, M.D., Derricote, M., Gale, B, Kazaks, A., and Stern, J.S., Evaluating a “Non-diet” Wellness Intervention for Improvement of Metabolic Fitness, Psychological Well-Being and Eating and Activity Behaviors. International Journal of Obesity, 2002; 26(6), 854-865. Stern JS, Bacon L, Keim NL, Van Loan MD. Osteoporosis In Premenopausal Chronic Dieting Obese Women.9th International Congress of Obesity, 2002; Sao Paolo, Brazil. Bacon L, Keim NL, Van Loan MD, Stern JS. Evaluation Of A Non-Diet Wellness Program For Obese Women. 9th International Congress of Obesity, 2002. Sao Paolo, Brazil. Bacon, L., A. Kazaks, B. Gale, M. Derricote, P. Morel, N. L. Keim, J. S. Stern, and M. D. Van Loan, Observed Osteopoenia or Osteoporosis in Obese Women. Obesity Research, 2000;8 (Suppl 1): 126S.

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The research was conducted at University of California, Davis, with support from the Western Human Nutrition Research Center, a division of the United States Department of Agriculture. Check out these three hard-hitting NY Times articles which discuss Bacon’s HAES research/book: